jenny-1Jenny Ravikumar

Owner of Barefoot Yoga Shala, Jenny is a yoga teacher, self-love guru, reiki master, a healer, writer and a dreamer. After finding yoga 10 years ago Jenny has started a successful non-profit organization, opened Barefoot Yoga Shala in Middleton MA, given birth to a beautiful baby boy and continues to heal her heart and others’ through self-discovery on and off the mat.

She lives, walks and breathes within the envelope of yogalove surrounding her and is elated bring you all the same at Barefoot Yoga Shala. She spreads her joy with not only current students, but also the teachers to come through BYS’s annual 200 hour teacher training. Jenny’s teaching is true to her infinite energy & light. She completed her 200 hour RYT in vinyasa, is a reiki master, certified crystal healer through Hibiscus Moon and completed her 500 hour RYT prana flow training through Shiva Rea. In class you may hear Jenny talk about ancient sutras, charkas, crystals, love, energy, kundalini and prana. Each of these energies shape and shift the flow she creates for her classes. She inspires other to not only play on the mat but also dig deep in self-discovery through the mind, body, soul connection. Students can expect to leave stronger, happier and more inspired. Laughing and crying are both highly encouraged; all are welcome in Jenny’s classes and you will be supported wherever you are.   


Carolyn Lundell

Carolyn believes that yoga is a great way to find strength, peace, and freedom both on and off the mat. She was first introduced to yoga in 2005 when she enrolled in a semester-long yoga program in college. She remembers leaving from her first class and feeling perfectly in unison with herself. She emphasizes working on “finding your edge” – a method that explains we can accomplish more than we think if we can find stillness in the present.

She hopes that by coming to her classes, you will begin to enjoy living more in the moment. If that is by enjoying a more challenging pose or offering a modification then she welcomes it all! Come to her classes to learn about the benefits of a pose and how to use yoga in your daily life; also come prepared to sweat and laugh!




Jacalynn Willett

Jacalynn’s passion and desire for yoga began when she attended a class during the hectic period of her life when she juggled school and full time work. She found the flow allowed her to connect to herself and open her heart in a way she had not known before. It was also during this time that she started to consider getting certified in Reiki. She is now a reiki master and teaches classes here at the Shala.

Since 2009 Jacalynn has been continuously working towards all manner of healing and yoga certifications that allow her to transfer love and healing energy to her students during class. In June of 2012 she received teacher training through a 16 day intensive program in Santa Barbara, CA under Tracy Rich and Ganga White. All of her classes are done in a moderate flow, focusing on mindfulness, love, and light for each individual. “We are rushed as a society and feel the need for instant gratification. It’s nice to focus on yourself and disconnect from the outside world for a little to recharge and re-energize.” Jacalynn also has a background in social work and psychology which has helped in her awareness of the needs of others. Students have complimented Jacalynn on the ease and comfort she provides during her yoga instruction, allowing each one to feel a unique connection to their own practice. In addition to teaching yoga Jacalynn provides private healing sessions at the Shala.


Mary Drover

After years of spiritual uncertainty Mary discovered yoga at the same time as she discovered Tibetan Buddhism.  Combining both practices has allowed her to flip her perspective, and understand life in a new, and fun, way.  She attended her first studio class after four years of a home practice and immediately fell in love, and ultimately completed her 200-hour training at the same studio with Jenny Ravikumar in 2016.

She is passionate about the solar system, writing, Harry Potter, cats, superheroes, and music.  Her classes often touch upon different planetary themes, include hilarious stories of her sister cats, and even sport the likes of Led Zeppelin.  She’s a firm believer of continuous practice, and thinks that your next great adventure is just outside of your comfort zone.


Hannah Drover

Hannah’s yoga journey started in 2007 after a lifetime of dance. Seeing yoga as a way to get exercise but at a low impact and a mindful pace, Hannah signed up for her first class. Her first savasana was also the first time she had ever meditated and from that moment on, tears and all, she was hooked. In January 2016 she completed Coby Kozlowski’s life-shifting program called Quarter-Life Calling hosted at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and knew for sure that she was on the path to bring yoga into her daily life and into the lives of others. The day she got back from her time at Kripalu, she floated right into her 200 hour teacher training at Barefoot Yoga Shala and graduated in August 2016. In that time she also earned her Reiki I certification.

In her classes, Hannah emphasizes that listening to what your body needs is something only you can do! This is your yoga. Yoga should feel good and bring your peace, your breath and your mind to the present moment. Flowing through the body’s needs and living authentically through your yoga practice on your mat will soften your insecurities and make you more comfortable with expressing your authentic self in the real world. You already know the reason why you’re here; now you just have to remember it and act. She’s just one of your many guides on the way to your own purpose. 

Kelly Allston

Kelly began practicing Yoga back in her early 20’s.  Then in 2009 after the birth of her second child she began a very dedicated home practice. Since then her life has transformed in many ways with yoga being the catalyst for her growth and expansion. In 2015 she felt a calling to take her practice to the next level and followed her heart to Barefoot Yoga Shala’s Teacher Training Program from which she graduated in 2016.

Kelly encourages you to go within and connect during her classes. She mixes movement with breath and helps you to let yourself get lost in your practice before she guides you to completely release and let go. She is a Reiki 2 practitioner and intuitively uses crystals, Essential Oils and a variety of Oracle Cards to enhance her classes.

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