Class Descriptions

**All classes are 60 minutes unless stated otherwise on the schedule**

Fluid Empower

Join us for 60 minutes of bliss as we flow on the mat and reconnect to the physical body through challenging poses, breath work and intention.
Each practice is different as every time we arrive on the mat, we arrive with a unique body.
Meditation. Prana vinyasa. Breath work. Laughter. Love. Flow. Expect to find all on the mat as we cultivate our inner power and external strength.

Heart FULL Flow

Greet your day with the sun! Sun salutations, bowing with your heart. Meeting the mat with love and grace, light and joy. (Even on the days when our hearts are heavy).

At Barefoot, we always welcome brand new yogis and soul warriors within our OMazing community. All classes are all-level flows and cater to exactly who arrives in practice.

Flow. Breath work. Meditation. Intentional movement connecting to breath. Yoke. All are to be expected in our all-level Heart FULL Flow Classes.

Yin/Restorative Yoga

A gentle and restorative practice that will allow you to slow down and come back into the mind, spirit connection. This class relies heavily on props and the slowing of the breath in order to re-connect. Oils, light music and props are likely to be used in these classes.

Soul Warrior Flow

Join Barefoot Yoga Shala teachers for a one hour soul warrior flow. Connect deeply to your mind, body and soul as you flow on the mat in various styles of yoga. At the shala we are always welcoming and encouraging of new yogis as well as our beautiful community of soul warriors. Together we will create the perfect flow for YOU.
All practices are all-levels. 60 minute classes. Flow, meditation and breath work to be expected in each class.

Morning Mantra

Join us for a beautiful morning mantra class. This flow will include chanting (mantra), healing and meditation. As we dig deeper into the practice you’ll be able to release and rearrange your thought patterns for a calmer and happier morning!

What is mantra?

Mantra is a sacred utterance or a repetition of sounds. When we chant a mantra it begins to strengthen our mind and soften our hearts. Scientifically, meditation and mantra help us to strengthen the ‘white matter’ in our minds (our connections). These chants can often be as simple as the word OM or can become more complex and just as beautiful! Join us to find out for yourself just how powerful words can be.

“Words cast spells, that’s why we call it spelling.”

Power Vinyasa

Strength resides within.
Our power vinyasa classes at Barefoot Yoga Shala are created with the existing soul warriors of the community. Those who have been practicing for a while.
This 60 minute flow is a vinyasa practice that focuses on the heat within, as well as the strength of our core in each pose. Together we will create a strong flow that will leave you feeling as though you’ve gotten a workout for your body as well as your heart and soul.


Vinyasa means “breath synchronized movement” and is the action of attaching breath to movement. In these classes, students of all levels will be challenged and engaged in their practice. You will be offered modifications and advancements in each posture with guidance from your teacher as you glide along at your own pace. Remember, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

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