Yoga for Mermaids: Release Your Inner Mermaid and Manifest Magical Self-Love

With Amy Sinclair

August 27th    6:30pm – 8:00pm                   Sign Up


Secretly a mermaid? Then this yoga for mermaids workshop is for you! Not sure if you really are a mermaid? Chances are you have more in common with this mythical sea creature than you think you do. Your inner mermaid is the part of you that is wild, feminine, and free, and she needs to come up for air. Join Amy on July 7th to explore your inner mermaid and manifest magical self-love.
This 90 minute workshop will start with a discussion on the mythology of the mermaid, the cultural obsession with the mermaid, and the principles of mermaid mentality. We will put our discussion and mermaid teachings into practice as we move with fluidity and grace in an under the sea inspired yoga flow. The tail end will include a self-love meditation, which you can take home to connect with your inner mermaid off the mat.

We all have an inner mermaid that connects us to our deepest, most true selves. When you are in touch with your inner mermaid, you will experience freedom and self-love like never before. Sign up online to learn how to manifest the magic of the mermaid, and use it to transform yourself into an ethereal being. You’re shore to leave with a few pearls of wisdom – and as many mermaid puns as possible.

Investment: $30


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